Pleasure boat design for V2 Boats

Distinctive character

We uphold the right of outboard motor boats to have a distinctive character and create a bond with the owner

Upholding the right of outboard motor boats to have a distinctive character, the V2 7.0 Sundeck represents a breath of fresh air in the small boat industry. The absolutely innovative design and its curved, elegant lines make it stand out in the crowd, bringing life to a solid, extremely versatile boat, capable of adapting to the boat owner’s preferences and ways.

Uniquely for its length, the V2 7.0 Sundeck gives the option to choose from a variety of colours, further enhancing this boat’s intrinsic nature of bonding and standing out.

V2 Boats 5 Top view V2 Boats 5 Top view solarium V2 Boats 5 Top view table V2 Boats 5 Top view complete

Enjoy its space at your own way

The V2 5.0 is an all-around boat which, thanks to its ability to quickly and easily adapt to any plan, guarantees full satisfaction on all sea trips. Forward in the bow, guests will enjoy a safe, comfortable journey. Around the table you will enjoy unforgettable meals and after-dinner chats. If you lower the table and fit the side supports and cushions, almost the entire surface of the boat turns into a large solarium so you can comfortably enjoy long hours of sunbathing.

The boat adapts quickly and easily to satisfy owner’s desires and provide everything needed for a higher level of comfort.

On the other hand, if what you are longing for is shade in the heat of the day, you can adapt the folding bimini to your needs. Likewise, the three different positions of the aft seat back mean it can be used either by the skipper as a firm support, by guests during sailing or by swimmers who have just come out of the water. In addition, given its short length and ease of handling, the V2 5.0 is the ideal boat for young and old people, for travelling on your own or with your partner. Meanwhile, its versatility and the excellent use of space guarantee full comfort on group outings, either with family or friends.

    Right down to the finest detail

    Top quality at a competitive price thanks to the streamlining of processes

    The helm console, the retractable cleats, the shape of the aft cushions, the handrail finishes are just some of the many features that demonstrate the great care we have taken in choosing top-quality materials and finishes.

    The innovative design, as well as our commitment to quality, further increases the value of the boat. However, given the great efforts made in the streamlining of processes, we have created a boat that is not only a versatile, safe all-rounder but is also affordable. In addition, as it is a boat that is easy to tow, transport, docking and wintering costs are considerably reduced.

      Engineered for the pleasure

      Designed for an ocean of possibilities: relax at anchor, do sports, fish or simply sail.

      The V2 7.0 provides for an up to 200 hp motor option, which is ideal for making the most of being on the water, either at sea, in reservoirs or rivers, doing all kinds of water sports, such as skiing or wakeboarding. Meanwhile, the built-in rod holder, the low gunwale, the spacious storage lockers and the large bimini will make the most of your days fishing. In addition, the two bathing platforms allow you to get on board easily after a refreshing swim and are the ideal place to lie down and feel the cool of the sea-breeze.

      Once on land, the short length of the boat and the design of its hull make being towed easy. All in all, the V2 7.0 Sundeck will take you wherever you want, easily adapting to different plans and different ways of enjoying sailing.

        Designed to be trustable

        The V2 7.0 Sundeck has been designed with the highest quality standards to guarantee maximum safety. Thanks to the introduction in its interior of a volume of foam capable of counteracting its total weight, in terms of floatability, the boat is unsinkable.

        Designed to provide maximum guarantees of safety and comfort

        The double-chine hull makes it possible to reduce the waterline beam and increase the V-shape of the hull, improving performance. An added distinguishing feature worth mentioning is the positive effect that the double-chine hull has on the stability of the boat.

        Small boats are much more sensitive to the swell of the sea and to crew movements, but, thanks to the double-chine hull, the designers have been able to considerably reduce rolling aboard the V2 7.0 Sundeck , increasing safety and comfort.