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3D Laser scanning

Be able to create your 3D model according to its current state “As-Built”.

In BYD Group we offer 3D laser scanning service since 2004 to give you the opportunity to have the geometric digitized information of any item of your interest (boats, models, nautical items, etc.).

Aided by this technology, the graphic and digital information collected can be used to develop a series of documentation as 2D CAD drawings, 3D surface models, point clouds, 3D meshes, etc.

These documents are a very useful and accurate basis to develop projects as refit, machining objects, stability test, scaled reproduction of parts, checking the built elements, taking measurements, rating of racing boats, stability tests or making precise “As Built” documentation.

We can scan both the inner and outer geometry of the vessel in 3D.

Real geometries of the yachts can be easily read and processed with accuracies up to 1 mm. This reliable technology allows us to develop quickly any project (on the basis of real yacht shape) separately from any intervention to be performed “in place” with the notable advantage that implies for both designer’s and shipyard’s productivity.

BYD Group has undergone successfully several major refits using such technology and processes.

We have branch in Palma de Mallorca where scans are performed in shipyards as, Astilleros de Mallorca, STP, Portals Nous, Puerto Adriano, El Arenal and at any other part of the island if required. Our equipment is also available in Barcelona to offer 3D scanning services in mainland. Laser 3D scanning is now available in Mallorca

Generated Documentation


Today software’s allow us to generate a variety of documents based on the information obtained from a 3D geometric scanning and use them to develop our projects.


During scanning process, several million vertices of a 3D coordinate system are plotted as point clouds to represent accurately the outer surface of the object. This data is then processed to create a 3D file point cloud of our interest. This document is a complete data source (color and metric information) used to study and analyze the object.


Starting from the 3D file point clouds we are able to create 2D drawings and plans of any section of interest. This allows us to possess much more information than the original yacht plan documents.


On the bases of the 3D point cloud generated we are also able to reproduce mesh surfaces (surfaces compound by polygonal planes) to use them in several analysis CAD software. These surfaces also have a direct application for CNC machining.


In order to make the 3D point clouds information more manageable in some CAD software we use them to generate accurate 3D surfaces. The resulting document is also much lighter and used in our design processes and refit projects.


With this technology we are also able to observe morphological differences between the scanned data and the theoretical model through the so called map of deformations. This allow us to correct quickly eventual geometrical differences appeared during production phases in comparison with the original project.

Scanning tools

Our scanning tools are one 3D long range laser scanner and two 3D detailed  scanners.


Scan_laser_3D_BYDGROUP_FARO (2)

The laser scanner Faro Focus 3D is handheld. This enables a fast, simple and accurate measurement of objects and boats. Moreover, features such as its minimal size and weight make the Focus3D easy to use and allows you to save up to half the scan time compared with conventional 3D laser scanners. Specifications:

-Range: 0.6 m a 330 m
-Ranging error: ± 2 mm
-Measurement speed: up to 976,000 points/second
-Integr. colour camera: Up to 70 mio. pixel
-Size: 240 x 200 x 100mm
-Weight: 5 kg
-Scanner control: via touch screen display and WLAN
-Multi-Sensor: GPS, Compass, Height Sensor, Dual Axis Compensator

GO! SCAN SPARK 3D                                 


Using GO! SCAN 3D typical objects can be scanned with an accuracy up to 0,05 mm in 5 minutes or less due to the fact that it does not require preparation or specific configuration. Bring them anywhere you want! Objects will be reproduced with their entire original palette. Specifications:

-Part size range 0.5 – 5 m
-Texture Resolution de 50 a 250 PPP
-Accuracy up to 0.05 mm
-Texture colours 24 bits
-Light Source: White light (LED)

Our 3D scanning equipment allows us to obtain the geometric digitized information of any item in an appropriate manner, depending on its size, to ensure the best accuracy and quality results in any scenario.

We employ our short-range equipment, GO! SCAN SPARK 3D and ARTEC EVA, in order to scan small items or reduced portions of bigger objects requiring an especially high definition results. Besides the accuracy of the cloud points we obtain with this 3D scanners, they offer the advantage of getting the information manually and without the need of reference elements.

On the other hand, in order to attempt the 3D scanning of big objects or components, we use our FARO FOCUS 3D S Series scanner, a very competitive working tool. By a strategic positioning of reference elements, this 3D scanner is able to keep in memory the points clouds created from different locations without losing the global element’s context. After a data process we can rebuild, with an extraordinary accuracy, the whole item assembling the points clouds compiled from each scanning position.

Thanks to this equipment and our accumulated experience, we can offer 3D scanning services to our clients of any item of interest with performance and competitive lap time.